JAOO went Pink

October 10th, 2010

Here are some thoughts on this years JAOO conference, ehm, I mean GOTO conference.

Biggest Surprise

First year that I attended the conference and it went from green to pink! Ok, at least not fluffy pink or metallic pink.

Best Quote

My favorite quote came from James Gosling during the Java User Group event. A guy from Nokia asked James, if he was concerned that Java would disappear. James replied: “No, these days I am more concerned that Nokia will disappear!”

Sexiest Session

Rachel Reinitz spoke about Management in the Large, where she illustrated the importance of a good management in order to achieve good product availability. (Fortunately) her suitcases went missing during her travel, so she did not wear the usual IBM suit.

Best Presentation

What Architects Need to Know by Frank Buschmann. OK, not so much news for an architect like me, but the session was really well presented. Furthermore it is always good to refresh the areas an architect needs to cover in order to do his daily work. 30% technical expertise, 30% leadership and 40% other. Most developers think it is 90% technical.

Most Groundbraking

Martin Odersky during the Scala training. I did not investigate Scala before this session, but now I will definitely incorporate it – I am sold!

Most Disappointing

Software Engineering at Google Scale by Jon Tirsen. Well, if you were new to computer science, then this session would have been OK. Otherwise, it was missing some key points on the solutions. Distribute calculations using shards and push instead of pull technology is not new wisdom. After the session you were asking yourself: How did he solve it? More code, examples or at least a little deeper into the matter would have been great.

Coolest Algorithm

During Brian Goetz Data Parallelism in Java session I had one of these “aha-moments”. The fork-join method using distributed work queues and applying work stealing will be on the list of my next innovation day.


Not so much news in agile, Java, management and the cloud, but a very good conference. I have enjoyed all six days and will definitely consider participating next year again. This year there were at least 80% of the people using a Mac or an iPad. Wonder what the Microsoft guys thought about that? They must have had a hard time to sell their Visual Studio licenses to this crowd….

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