iPhone Development – Initial Comments

June 7th, 2010 No comments

By this post I will start a little serial on developing for the App Store based on my experience.

For the newbies among you, I have these basic hints (some you can find all over the places)

1) Do not expect to get rich overnight!

2) It is hard work (though fun!) to publish something with value. I would not feel satisfied earning some 1000$ on a fart-button App :)

3) Test your App on the real device. When I finally got the iPad in Germany, I was surprised how my Apps *really* performed! Also, if you can, get hold on some of the old devices. I have a 1. Gen. iPod touch. Trust me, the performance is not the same as an iPhone 3GS.

4) Make some small Apps in the beginning. Get a feeling of the framework, the iTunes Connect, the reviewing process. Many professional colleges have aimed too high in the beginning and stopped developing because they got tired and lost in a huge first time project.

I have developed for many years on many platforms and for many different devices. The XCode/iPhone development is in itself not so much different, but my personal driver in this is the possibility to get things out into the world and have a lot of feedback.

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Frameworks, the neverending story….

January 6th, 2010 No comments

Dear fellow architects,

Please consider avoiding to create frameworks, just because you think that a generic foundation for the upcoming project is just what need.

In my experience most projects can use existing frameworks and do not need to be generic in general. When you find yourself using the same complex code over and over again during the development, then make this part into a common reusable part of the project. This does not call for a special framework.

Also, think about all the maintenance time you will have to invest in order to keep the framework up-to-date. I guess that you want to invest as much time as possible in the business logic and other close-to-customer parts. You will have to stop coding these parts all the time and fix your framework.

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